Garden Agri-pipe Fruit Cage

Garden Agri-pipe Fruit Cage Garden Agri-pipe Fruit Cage

Garden Agri-Pipe Fruit Cage

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These sturdy and robust 2m high walk-in fruit cages offer ideal support for large fruit and vegetable gardens. The 33mm tubular PE-coated steel pipes are assembled by spring clips, fixing and swivel clamps. The high quality, weatherproof components are better for permanent structure for years. With this fruit cage, you will have a lovely place to sit and marvel at your blooming plants and have a good harvest.

DAIM Code: JC40631

Product Details     

 PE-coated galvanized steel pipe ø33mm×100cm, 24, brown

 PE-coated galvanized steel pipe ø33mm×50cm, 12, brown

 Insert joint, nylon, steel, 16, black

 Ending cap, PE, 36, black

 Tipped cap, ABS, 4, black

 Spring clips, galvanized steel wire, 16, silver

 Fixing clamp, steel, 4, gold

 Swivel clamp, steel 16, gold

 Hole punching stake, ø33mm×10cm, 1, Black

 Cage Size: W2m x L2m x H 2m, Inserted into the ground 50cm.

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