Privacy Policy:DAIM

Collection of Private Information
In order to be responsible for your contract, and provide better products and services, and deliver useful information to you, we need to collect your private information in necessary category according to the legal and justified rules.

Management of Private Information
We will manage your private information appropriately and cautiously and prevent it from leaking to the public.

Application of Private Information
・ We will make use of your information carefully in necessary category on condition that not do
harm to your rights.
・ Your private information will be extensively used in DAIM company in order to offer satisfied
information and services to you.
・ We will offer the relative product information to the certain customers (monitor) who offer the
private information to us.
・ Please take necessary measure when you want to stop or renew the mail or letter.

Exhibition or Offer of Private Information to Outsiders
We will not exhibit or offer your information to any outsider except in the following circumstances.
(1) After getting your permission
(2) On condition that you can not be recognized.
(3) It is possible to delegate to the external staffs in order to carry out the business smoothly.
(4) It is also possible to let the relative companies of DAIM to answer your questions if we think it is suitable.

Application of Private Information
Our DAIM corporation will give full consideration to the responsibility of protecting customers’ private information carefully for your trust and satisfaction, which is our first enterprise business.

The above contents are possible to be changed in order to improve the protection of your private information, or when the laws and other rules are renewed, or when the internet environment is changed.

June, 23, 2003
DAIM Corporation

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