Kobayashi Hideo, President & CEO Kobayashi Hideo, President & CEO

Thank you for your patronage sincerely!

Our company originated from the detailed consignment production of agriculture used vinyl by three creators and some other people outside of Fukui city. After nearly forty years development, we have made a great achievement with the help and cooperation of the customers coming from different regions. Thank you for your assistant sincerely!

Now, we have made achievements in four sectors, agriculture materials, gardening products, color pipe and PR materials, civil engineering materials respectively. Besides, we have finished moving to China to establish a new company, the establishment and integration of new domestic factory in Japan , and the preparation for future and environment maintenance.

However, now we are in the severe market competition. All the staff including the managers are well aware that we can not exist if we don't carry out the business according to the market changes, so we are aiming to realize the differentiation of the enterprise.

In the future, we will carry out the enterprise strategy, namely, the Q-C-D factors, Quality, Cost and Delivery respectively and the S (Service) system.

And then, we will realize the spirit of "WITH DAIM" , that is in order to meet the needs of the market, we will make the products by providing information, technique and know-how knowledge, working on the development of new corresponding technique and getting cooperation from the former customers together.

So finally, all the members will work hard as a unity to supply the satisfied products and services to customers according to the enterprise slogan “advancing to satisfy the customer”

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name Daiichi Vinyl Co., Ltd.(DAIM)
  • Headquarters 37-10 Edomenaka, Harue-cho, Sakai-city, Fukui-pref.,
    Japan [Google Map]
  • Business Outline Manufacturing Gardening, Agricultural, Advertising Products
  • Date of Establishment September 1968 (Formation: Feburary 1965 )
  • Net Sales 4,800 million yen (as of Dec. 2011)
  • Number of Employees 100
  • President & CEO Hideo Kobayashi
  • Scope of Business Manufacturing Steel Pipes of Agricultural Gardening Interior Decoration, and Advertising Uses

DAIM Group Policy

Our company policy is "Q C D + Service".

The “Q” means “Quality First”. Aiming to develop high quality and customer friendly products. The“C” means “Cost”. Aiming to provide the best value products, at competitive prices. The “D” means “Delivery”. Aiming to ensure on time delivery.

“+Service” means that we pursue to develop and improve” Unique Products” and aiming for “Product Differentiation” so as to satisfy more customers all over the world. Our experienced staff will certainly accommodate customers’’ needs and propose new products to satisfy customers.

Quality Management

We obtained certification to ISO9001: 2000 certification in 2002. (The ISO9001: 2000 is a quality management system that has specified requirements for quality assurance of product and enhancement of customer satisfaction)

We are continuously making efforts to improve our quality control management system, which have been developed at these 'mother' factories in Japan is being shared with overseas factories production bases, thus realizing our global production quality standard.

Our quality control covers the whole process from product planning, designing, developing, and delivering to achieve customer satisfaction.

Global Network & Global Production System

We introduce our domestic and global offices, factories that make possible globally unified quality and market oriented products at reasonable price.

We have domestic factories and overseas factory in China which ensures our production system will satisfy any demand from the market. In addition to factory in China, we established a new factory in Viet Nam 2012.

We are accelerating its growth globally, and planning to increase the percent of production done outside Japan. Accordingly, the company has positioned factories in Asia as its global production center for the purpose of providing customers all over the world.

On another front, certain highly advanced and precise production technologies are difficult to transfer outside of Japan. The company has designated factories in Japan as mother production factories that develop and refine core manufacturing technologies to underpin future product improvement.

We will continue to enhance its global production system in factories in Asia and Japan to meet growing global demand while increasing cost competitiveness.

We aims to build “ Global Supply Chain” to satisfy customers all over the world by our 3 strong point “Uniqueness of Product”, “High Quality” and “Price Competitive Power”

World Map

  • Head Office:
    DAIICH VINYL Co., Ltd.
    37-10 Edomenaka, Harue-cho, Sakai-city, Fukui-pref. Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 22-384-7313 / Fax: (+81) 22-384-2728
  • Tohoku Branch 267 Kitatani, Masuda-aza, Natori-city, Miyagi-pref., Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 22-384-7313 / Fax: (+81) 22-384-2728
  • Tokyo Office 1-578-5 Kushihiki-cho, Oomiya-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama-pref., Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 48-662-3171 / Fax: (+81) 48-662-3173
  • Kyushyu Office 1264-1 Yamakawa-cho Kurume-city Fukuoka-pref., Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 942-45-5571 / Fax: (+81) 942-45-5578

  • First and Second
    Northern Factory
    10-5-1 Ishizuka Harue-cho, Sakai-city, Fukui-pref.,
    Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 776-72-7771 / Fax: (+81) 776-72-7773
  • Products Center 37-9 Edomenaka Harue-cho, Sakai-city, Fukui-pref.,
    Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 776-51-5696 / Fax: (+81) 776-51-5394
  • Vinyl Factory 37-9 Edomenaka Harue-cho, Sakai-city, Fukui-pref.,
    Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 776-51-5696 / Fax: (+81) 776-51-5394
  • Miyagi Factory 54-5 Yanagime Nakayama Isshin-cho, Kurihara-gun,
    Miyagi-Pref., Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 22-857-6053 / Fax: (+81) 22-857-6054
  • Tohoku Physical
    Distribution Center
    54-5 Yanagime Nakayama Isshin-cho, Kurihara-gun, Miyagi-Pref., Japan [Google Map]
    Phone: (+81) 22-857-3387 / Fax: (+81) 22-852-3387

  • Ningbo DAIM Co., Ltd. 66 Huanghai Road, Dagang Industry Zone, Economic and
    Technique Development Zone, Zhejiang Province,
    China [Google Map]
    Phone: (+86) 574-8680-5988 / Fax: (+86) 574-8680-5997
    URL: http://ningbodaim.cn.alibaba.com/
    Lot C8, Road N3, Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park,
    Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam [Google Map]
    Phone: (+84) 650-653-915 / Fax: (+84) 650-653-920
  • Corporate HQ

    Corporate HQ

  • Vinyl Factory at Corp. HQ

    Vinyl Factory at Corp. HQ

  • First and Second Northern Factory

    First and Second Northern Factory

  • Ningbo DAIM Co., Ltd. in China

    Ningbo DAIM Co., Ltd. in China





Environment Plicy


Our goal is to preserve the global enviroment and social contribution through all its business activities.


We contribute to environmental preservation based on the following policies through out business activities.

  • Promote environmental preservation and also coutinue improving the environment so as to maintain the standing as a reliable company.
  • Comply with government and environmental regulatory laws and other requirements.
  • Provide the products necessary to ensure environmental quality and consider all materials selected.

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